When It’s Dark Outside, You Can Be The Light!

We are knee deep into fall and every day is getting shorter. As the sunshine wains it is natural for us to get more sluggish and sleepy. We are mammals after all, looking to hunker down and stay warm by our very nature. It is easy for our lower energy levels to slide us into a lower emotional level like feeling moody, irritable and even depressed. Here is an easy way to make your inner light brighter and balance out your energy even on the darkest days.

Try this meditation anywhere you can have a little quiet, sitting, laying down, walking, just not driving! Imagine that you are filling with bright white light from the crown of your head down to your feet. Flow your consciousness with that light out the bottoms of your feet and deep into the earth until you find a spot that feels comfortable and welcoming. Soak up this powerful earth energy and return with it back to your body entering slowly. Starting at the bottoms of your feet, imagine and feel the light traveling up your body. As your body lights up begin to match this light with kind words and mantras such as, “I am Divinely guided. I create joy and passion in my life”and “I express myself with confidence.” Let yourself get silly and over the top with the mantras. For example, “I am a super hot and sexy money magnet!” Humor is a great way to raise your vibes and feel more awake and energized. It also helps push you past your comfort zone in a non-threatening and playful way.  As you travel through your chakras affirm that they are open and vibrant. Don’t worry if you don’t know where or what your chakras are, try something as simple as “I am open to the life force energies around me that bring me blessings for my highest and best good.” You can stop when you get all the way back up to your crown and you will notice feeling cleansed and rejuvenated. To light up even brighter, imagine the light shooting right up and out of your crown and then falling down around you and being pulled back in again at your feet. You have become a fountain of light and universal energy and will feel yourself charge up like a battery with healing and energizing reaching deep into your cells.

For some people it takes time for them to begin to consciously feel the energy running, but the benefits are immediate. Take time to nourish yourself with meditation and self care, especially when you feel you don’t have the time. This past week kicked my butt with anxiety and racing thoughts and I heard from many people that they felt the same. Hard times happen. A spiritual practice is not a failure if you have found yourself lost or hurting. Coming out of hard times feeling more in love with yourself and supported  rather than disappointed and a failure is a profound practice in spirituality!


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