What people are saying

"Heather is a very gifted intuitive! I’ve worked with her on several occasions when I was facing a challenge or needed some direction, she’s always given me guided advice that when implemented has made a real positive change. I remember one session I had some serious back pain and didn’t know why, but she guided me to discover that the pain was a result of my fear to stand on my own, we did some emotional work and my life completely changed! Soon after, I successfully started my own business and essentially stood on my own and totally happy since then! Needless to say, the back pain rarely shows up anymore, each time it does I ask it what it’s trying to tell me. She’s also given me information that no one would know and helped me work through it. I am so grateful that I have Heather to call and ask for guidance when I need it."   ~Lisa

Heather has a very gentle and compassionate way of sharing her intuitive insights. You feel enveloped in her love for you and whatever your struggle may be. She is a talented facilitator, gently asking the questions that need to be asked to help you uncover your subconscious beliefs that are getting in the way of you having what you want.
Having been a widow for 15 years and having spent 5 frustrating years on Match, I called Heather hoping to get unstuck.

We discovered 2 key reasons why I was not finding  "the one". Firstly, I saw that I have had an unconscious belief that I can't have what I want (probably decided that when I was 5 or so). Secondly, I was so focused on my picture of what I wanted that I wasn't open to my "one" coming in a package different than what I had imagined. After my conversation with Heather, I decided I would say YES to a man I had dated for a few months but was on the fence about. It was like a miracle...I decided to look for every possible positive quality in him and over these past few months I have come to treasure the gift that he is to me. Thank you Heather for this unexpected joy in my life!​                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ~Jane

Heather's calm, realistic, never sugar-coated demeanor/approach gives the learner a glimpse at how these exercises truly gleam hope. Regardless of where one is in their practice of faith, health, or career, an open attitude can tear down barriers so you might be flooded with peace and joy in our world of obstacles and weakness. Every session is cleverly prepared and presented so it is fun, meaningful, and lasting.~ Lynn

... At the end of the workshops, Heather leads the group in discussion. Everyone in the group is supportive and very generous with their sharing. I feel these discussions are beneficial because they allow us to catch ourselves at our most honest. ~Jean

Heather, your seminar was awesome! I had so much fun with the improvisation, it reminded me of all the fun I had in my drama class when I was 12 years old! After this I felt so open for the deep conversation we had with you. I have a better understanding what is important and what is less in my life these days.~Emese