I believe in simple, fast and easy! This is about feeling good by looking towards what you want and away from the thoughts that keep you feeling trapped. If you are tired of living Ground Hog Day, waking up feeling full of regret, frustration, anxiety, sadness day after day... let's get started ramping up your faith in yourself.  Your body is a beacon constantly transmitting and receiving information. Learn to control what you are sending out and to interpret what you are receiving  and life becomes a game.

Spirit guides our sessions  to lovingly reveal truth about your energetic flow. Spirit knows what you need and will find a way to share memories, beliefs, physical and emotional injuries​ that are ready to be healed. Nothing happens by accident, you will be given messages that will help you heal and forgive so that you can pull yourself into the present and stop living your life from the past. 


15 Minute Session

Free 15 Consult Available

Call for a free consult. Decide if we are a fit!

Great For:

  • Initial Consult
  • Follow Up



30 Minute Session

"Getting It Done"

Session Allows For:

  • Energy Reading
  • Energy Healing
  • Coaching
  • Mediumship



60 Minute Session

'Relax, We Got This"

Session Allows For:

  • Practice
  • Habit Building
  • Goal Clarity
  • And More...