Intuitive Healing and Coaching

The simple act of acknowledging the desire for change begins a powerful process in our lives. I help people find the place within themselves where hope and intuition reside. Starting from that place creates a ripple of effortless change that following prescribed formulas and exercises cannot achieve.

We have three options for our work together:

  • Intuitive Readings
  • Intuitive Healing and Coaching
  • Power Shots

My intuitive readings are like a love letter from the Universe. You will receive loving messages of support and guidance which gently point out the areas of your life that are requiring attention. I never know what will be revealed. It may be a message from a  lost love one, suggestions regarding health or finances, clarity in regards to a relationship or support in general of how far you have come. Each session lasts approximately 60 minutes. You will receive my handwritten notes that contain channeled messages specifically for you. Each session also involves energetic clearing and healing work. Using a variety of tools such as the Emotion Code or Theta Healing  or visualization I speed up the transformation process. Whatever comes through is always a message of support and encouragement to embrace what makes you feel happy and alive and release thoughts and habits that make you feel bad. Seriously! Your higher self considers it VERY important that you turn towards your happiness. 

  •  $100 per 60 minute phone/Skype Intuitive Reading: To prepare for each session I will perform a 30 minute meditation which  provides me with a written guide for our conversation. 
  • $120  for (60 minute) Intuitive Reading with a Shot on the Side: The best way to follow your reading is with a Power Shot. Often during the course of a reading a nagging concern or area of discomfort is discussed or even an energy that needs to be amplified is brought to your attention. A Power Shot will help bring healing to these areas and make it easier for you to flow into the needed change.

This is time to focus on your specific patterns and beliefs. We all have things that show up in one form or another all over our lives. It can be very difficult to see our own patterns. I have the ability to spot those patterns, help you recognize them, and release them. Taking the time for this work allows you to rapidly move forward and create the life you desire.

Intuitive Coaching can be ongoing or finite and incorporates Theta Healing with meditation, visualization, and much more. Pick any area of your life where you would like to experience change. It doesn't matter much where we start, everything is connected. Changes you make in any area will creates ripples that travel out beyond you and into the people and places around you.

  • One Session $65
  •  $120 for two sessions.
  • $350 for six sessions.

Sessions run approximately 60 minutes, we can work in person or over the phone.

A power shot is an intense burst of focused energy that is a bit like an energetic car wash. I remotely connect with you and am able to visualize the areas where you are experiencing blocked energy and the beliefs attached. This ability enables me to rapidly establish new energetic patterns which result in new opportunities in your life. 

It is recommended but not required that you schedule an intuitive reading before trying a power shot.​

  • ​ $30 for 20 minute Shot
  • $100 for 4 individual Power Shots. (You choose, one per week or one per month. Schedule them however you feel works best for you.)

What are the Benefits of this work?

The ultimate goal of all my work is to help people find their Happy Place, the state of mind, thoughts, actions and beliefs that make them feel most empowered, loved and connected. My gift is to hold space for them to begin to allow themselves to spend as much time as possible in this Happy Place. I call this "Living In Your Spotlight" and it is your life's purpose. So many of us stumble along wishing for a sign or maybe even an email clearly stating, "Your Life's Purpose Is To..." so that we can begin to truly live. Well, the truth is that fully living your life is your life's purpose.

​Listen to the Mustn'ts, child. Listen to the Dont's. Listen to the Shouldn'ts, the Impossibles, the Wont's. Listen to the Never Have's, then listen close to me... Anything can happen, child. Anything can be.                                  -Shel Silverstein


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