Get Confident, You’re Perfect…The Universe Made You On Purpose After All!

Trust that nothing about you is an accident. Trust that you were intentionally created by the Universe to be exactly who you are. Even if you don't actually  believe that nothing about you is a mistake or needs improvement, feeding yourself this message builds a base of confidence that can can completely alter your  experience. The biggest reason  is that our minds believe what we tell them and then busily go about looking for evidence to support our words. Why not have your mind work for you, seeking evidence of your perfection and importance? Actively cultivating this belief is the simplest and easiest way to flip the positivity switch in your life. In my life, reminding myself that I am an invaluable part of the whole brings me back to balance. It is a centering bell that cuts through the debilitating haze of “not enough” and allows me to begin again and again to support and love myself. An unshakable confidence grows from this place of belonging and self acceptance.

Remind yourself as often as possible that you need to do nothing to be deserving of love. That no amount of doing, having or learning could make you any more perfect than you already are. Gently tapping on the center of your chest and repeating these positive phrases, in essence, helps them sink in more deeply. You may feel sensations in your body as it recognizes truth and begins letting go of fear. If you want to take it a bit further try starting with, "I am no longer believing that... I am unlovable, imperfect, unwanted, etc." Follow with the opposite, "I am now believing that I am deeply loved, that I am deserving of love because I am here, that I am a perfect creation, etc." Watch out, this stuff works!

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