Every Aspect Of Who You Are Serves A Purpose

Every aspect of who I am serves a purpose. Try repeating this affirmation when you find yourself mired in self doubt or negativity. Who you are is not a mistake. Accepting and even holding gratitude for the parts of yourself that feel unacceptable or limiting allows the true gifts that these aspects hold for us to emerge.

The parts of ourselves we believe to be the weakest and most flawed are deserving of our love and gratitude. Healing Practice: Write a thank you note to one of your "flaws" for always showing up to teach, guide and shape your life.

Dear Shame,

Thank you for always showing up for me.

For a long time you have worked hard to protect me and give me the life I believed I deserved. When I would let my guard down and share the real me with people you would always swoop in and remind me to be careful. You helped me understand that being vulnerable was a scary proposition. I used you as a cushion between myself and an honest gamble with something that could end in failure or rejection. I appreciate all of the ways you have been such a faithful servant to me.

I feel ready to step out and take some real chances now because you have helped me see how flat a life without risk feels to me. I trust that you will continue to have my back and help me see the places where I feel afraid and believe myself to be lacking. You’re good like that! I want to embrace myself completely and when you show up I can see the ways I am negating my brilliance!!

With deep gratitude,


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