DIY Mantra Meditation Practice

I often speak of the power of just one word to create an effortless shift in your energy. It distills language down from ideas and conversations, past beliefs and thoughts, to the simple act of sound and repetition. Why this works is a little bit beyond me. I have my theories… but truthfully it doesn’t matter. It is simply a powerful tool to have in your “Creating Change Toolbox”.

I have avoided a formal Mantra practice for a long time because it felt stressful to me. I would stress about remembering the mantra properly and choosing the right one. Is it okay to just make up my own or should I memorize a tried and true classic? It always became too much struggle which defeated the purpose of the meditation. One word mantras, I realized recently that is what I had created for myself. By repeating inside of my head a desired feeling or state I am able to call it into being in my body. Repeating “peace” will eventually bring peace and repeating “love” will grow feelings of love and appreciation.

I am adding to my mantra practice now by starting with one word and growing it into a power statement, an incantation of intent. For example, let’s say I am having one of those days where everything seems booby trapped and determined to drive me out of my tree. I can recognize my experience in the moment, and choose something different. Maybe I would choose “joy”. My mantra would go something like this:




I experience joy profoundly,

I allow joy to find me,

I trust that joy lives inside of me,

I am the joy that I seek outside of myself,

I participate in the creation of joy in the Universe,

I trust in joy to guide me,

Joy surrounds me in surprising and exhilarating ways


I wholeheartedly (and Joyfully 😉 encourage you to craft a mantra practice that serves you. It creates space between you and the obsessive thoughts that inevitably create the poop storms of life. We can all use a break in those clouds!!!

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