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Decide for yourself if we feel like a good fit. This time is to answer any questions you may have and to allow you to experience a taste of what our healing work would feel like.

Intuitive Coaching with me incorporates Theta Healing techniques as well as deep visualization and meditation to see through the blocks and remove them. Whatever is showing up in your life is a mirror of your beliefs and thoughts. It can be difficult to see clearly what our own beliefs are. I am your partner in guiding you to access your own intuitive knowledge and incorporating that wisdom into your daily life. You do not have to wonder why you are not living the life you desire. You CAN live it.

All parts of our lives flow into each other. Healing done on a physical level will naturally affect thoughts and beliefs. Work done on releasing judgments and limiting beliefs will create room for greater financial abundance, and on it goes. 781.367.5751