All You Have To Do Is Ask

No matter how much "work" you do to raise your vibes and clean out your belief closet, pretty much everybody has a few old chestnuts of self doubt and distrust that work their way into their perceptions. A classic example would be the woman who believes that all men liars and can't be trusted. The scores and scores of honest men she knows and meets go unseen because she is so laser focussed on the few who have lied. Her brain is busy searching for discrepancies or red flags of untruth and calling her attention to them. Her inner dialogue could sound something like, "Why should I believe this guy?" or "This guy is probably lying to me right now!" It is pretty obvious the experiences and relationships that are going to show up for this woman, right?

​The problem is that it can feel impossible to really release these beliefs that feel so true. Our subconscious, after all,  created them in an effort to keep us safe and to avoid future pain. While we can consciously see the havoc they may be wreaking throughout our lives, changing them can prove challenging. 

Here is a simple trick to sneak in the backdoor of your subconscious and write a script that brings more positive experiences into your life. It is called a Rewrite. All you do is reverse the statements or thoughts that focus on what you don't want into their opposite. Don't be fooled by the simplicity here, this is powerful magic!

Here is what a reversal for our friend who has trouble trusting men could sound like:

"Why should I believe this guy?" becomes "Why shouldn't I believe this guy​?"

Here are more examples: "I never always have enough money to get what I want."  "I am always never overlooked." "All the good men are already taken ready and waiting for me." "I am not good enough." 

The best part of this trick is that you don't have to believe your reversal. You just need to ask the question or rewrite the statement. That's it. Your subconscious will take it from there!​

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