About Me


 Appreciating and accepting yourself IS your path, the rest is all details! Our work together will help you clarify what it is you are asking for and blow past the thoughts that have stopped you in the past. Building on small successes and learning as you go empowers you to make the positive changes you desire.

We are all creatures with limitless potential, yet most of us hold tightly to limiting beliefs. Feeling stuck and frustrated we try to think our way into a solution. Believing if we work harder, follow through and commit completely we will become the person we think we want to be. Searching out our areas in need of improvement like bomb sniffing dogs, laser focused on what about us is in need of improvement.

As someone who has spent much of my life on the anxiety treadmill, I have learned that finding relief requires a letting go. Creating peace in my life and achieving my goals requires doing less thinking and more allowing. It requires me to let go of guilt for not completing the  next program, challenge, cleanse, etc. and to feel my way towards the actions that are worthwhile. Most of all it requires a trust that who I am is not a mistake. I do not need to think my way into change, but rather trust what I sense and feel to allow alignment in my life.  Living this process myself enables me to  help people to believe in themselves and to allow positive change to flow in their lives.

 My intuition allows me to access information embedded in your physical and energetic body. This information reveals beliefs and experiences that are blocking your ability to flow in the direction you desire. The Universe knows what you need and is always ready to support you.